Monday, 2 June 2014

Lucite-bodied "Vote for Nixon" bass guitar project
Here's a real curiosity of a project bass guitar with a crude home-made see-thru plexiglass body, which probably dates to the late 1960s/early 1970s based on the evidence of both the parts used and the Nixon sticker applied to the front of the body. The neck is probably Japanese (the seller claims it's a Teisco but I don't see any particular identifying features to support that), and the pickup looks familiar too although I can't pinpoint where I've seen one before.

Whilst I love old oddities like these, I doubt it'd be much of a player if it was fixed up. I suspect that the Nixon sticker might be worth more than the whole guitar.

Currently listed on eBay with bidding at US $10.50 at the time of writing.

G L Wilson

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  1. I actually kinda like the body shape-it's sort of a cross between a Mosrite and one of those Silvertone guitars made by Danelectro. I think the parts probably originated from a Japanese Kent bass. Sort of half-tempted to buy it and make a better neck and pickguard for it.

  2. The neck doesn't seem so bad. It looks either "Teisco" or some Italian brand from the 60's. If you add a new nut (please no graphite just to respect the overall look) it should work out well. Anyway the price is a bargain. Even the body is worth ten times that price and it's as transparent as the Watergate affair!

  3. It looks like parts taken from a mid 70s Aria A-100 or A-200 bass transplanted onto a home made body, which is pretty much the same shape as the original anyway. Here's a page from Aria's 1975 catalogue to compare: (copy and paste)



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