Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mahogany Fender Toronado

With its natural finish on mahogany and minimal gear, this mid-2000s Fender Toronado makes me think of these stern but desirable Japanese guitars from the 1980s that arrived after the copy era, and made the sound of early metal. But the Seymour Duncan P90s make it clearly a contemporary guitar, and not a mere attempt to sneak into Gibson's market (both company regularly release unsuccessful models using their competitors' pickups/scales/headstocks/...)

With their straighten Jaguar outline, Gibson scale, humbuckers and four knobs, the Fender Toronados were introduced in 1998, renewed in 2004 and discontinued in 2006, and existed in many different designs - the most remarkable being the big tortoise-shell pickguard or the L-shaped racing strip on metallic finish. They had a kind of Ibanez simple cool - you know when Ibanez is not losing its time going all pointy) and it's a pity Fender didn't leave it time enough to settle down - 10 years is too short to go standard.

Bertram D

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  1. Wow - must have missed that one! That is very desirable!



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