Sunday, 1 June 2014

cool Welson with retrofit DiMarzio pickups

This double cutaway asymmetric florentine semi-hollow-body Welson looks kinda cool - this is not a design you see everyday, even if it is not as radical as their inevitable very 1960s Italian solid bodies. 

This model - I couldn't put a name on it - was also distributed in Germany as Dynacord - and in general Welson guitars were more sought after in the rest of Europe than in Italy - and they also released instruments in the USA under the Wurlitzer and Orpheum brands.

You'll have noticed that the pickups don't look like 1960s Italian ones, they have been replaced by later DiMarzio ones that look a little bit out of place on this guitar, but to me it says that the guitar is a player, and it's meant to keep playing music, not be a decoration on the wall of a collector!

Bertram D

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  1. I own a Welson-made Wurlitzer hollowbody. It has a silly short 23 1/2" scale, and a pretty chunky neck, so I don't if it's necessarily a "player". The pickups are pretty strange, as well. Definitely well-made instruments, though!

  2. I've always thought naked humbuckers to be crude looking and they really trash the elegant appearance of this guitar. The original Welson pickups matched the design of the guitar much better..



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