Monday, 23 June 2014

New Complexity (part 1): the Harmonic Master

I often have the feeling that Australia is where things happen nowadays when it comes to our favorite subject: guitars! Several of my favorite websites / blogs / Facebook pages emanate from Oz, and they show passionate innovative people busy with improving guitars, when other countries that once ruled are just stuck in a bygone golden age…

Take New Complexity, a one man company in Melbourne, and its Harmonic Master, a 12-string 'third bridge' guitar with a pickup behind the bridge that catches harmonic resonnance, a fully adjustable 12-saddle gizmo as a stop-tail to tune it and 3 different outputs. This is not a guitar with mere cosmetic modifications or sophisticated gear, it's a rethinking of the instrument! 

If you wonder what it's all about, this video explains and demonstrates what the Harmonic Master does. Definitely an instrument I'd love to try!

Bertram D

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  1. What are some of these Australian blogs/sites you're alluding to other than New Complexity?

  2. for example or

  3. Hans Reichel lives!

  4. Very cool idea. I must admit I find the tone a bit harsh and metallic though.



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