Wednesday, 18 June 2014

1960s Kay Speed Demon hollowbody electric guitar
This 1960s Kay Speed Demon is certainly quite a looker and is in fantastic condition for a guitar of its vintage. I get the feeling this was produced as a "poor man's Gretsch"; I don't mean that to its detriment, it is what it is, a low budget electric hollowbody.

From the eBay description it sounds as if this guitar has one or two minor issues that could be sorted out by anyone competent in guitar maintenance. It is currently listed on eBay with a realistic Buy It Now price of US $450.

G L Wilson

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  1. I recently worked on a guitar exactly like this one. It needed to be rewired after the former owner had "customized" it. Initially, I wasn't particularly impressed - it's not a great playing guitar - but once the electronics were up and running the owner and I were very impressed with the sound. He normally uses it for rockabilly, but it actually makes a quite respectable modern jazz sound (roundwound strings). Love those pickups!

  2. I love that particular headstock design. It reminds me of a ladies shoe.

  3. Love it! There's a version of this guitar that has 3 speedbump pickups, which looks even more awesome and sounds fantastic.



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