Wednesday, 30 September 2009

1936 Rickenbacker Premiervox Spanish Model B

Rickenbacker Premiervox Spanish
This is not vintage anymore, this is history! A few days ago I was posting about Kay claiming that they made the first electric guitar, but this 1936 Rickenbacker Spanish Model B is (probably) the real one - actually the first mass produced solid body.

This one is British assembled from Californian parts, but the pickup wounded in the UK with local specs. It has a bakelite body and is not completely solid body, but enough to suppress the characteristic hollow-bodies feedback problem. Bakelite (early plastic) is heavy, hence the reduced body - a more standard format would have proven much too heavy. It has the very Ricken covered pickup, a bolt neck and a chrome top that strangely didn't create a trend in guitar custom...

Rickenbacker is one of my favorite guitar makers. At 19 when I got myself enough money to buy a serious guitar, I thought Gibson and Fender were boring and common (I still think so thought I have now a Jaguar and wouldn't say no to a Flying V) and thought the only real challenger was Ricken and bought a 620. I still have it and didn't regret it any moment since (brm, brm, sorry to be so voluble about myself...).


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  1. What is one of these worth? I have one at home.



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