Monday, 28 September 2009

Crazy Harry's Space Guitar
cRazy harry space 1

Don't be afraid, we guitar lovers have to be able to consider the whole range of what guitar is. For some people, this is what they expect from a guitar, and that's the point of this post: I invite you to have a look at Crazy Harry's website where you can see the making of the Space Guitar.

You may like it or not (you know since the post on the Auerswald that I don't), you have to acknowledge that it requires the same craftsmanship, the same dedication, the same blisters on the fingers to build this (if not more) than a stylish Les Paul or a boring Telecaster. And there are some technical specificities that are quite interesting - see how all the gear is embedded in the body of the guitar... Now who's playing this, that's another question!

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  1. Check this out
    Made this guitar 10 years ago



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