Sunday, 20 September 2009

Epiphone Firebird Monster

epiphone firebirdWhen this guitar first caught my eye, I didn't realise that it's a complete fake, one of these 'relic'ed' new guitars (this one is from 2006) that I usually hate (even more when it's done on industrial scale like Fender's). But, well, it's still an interesting modification, so I'll do as if I don't make an unwilling advertisement for an acquisitive guitar torturer.

So I like the disrespectful empty pickup cavity and unfilled pot, switch and tune-o-matic holes; also putting an early vintage Bigsby on a new guitar is a good (aesthetical) move. The logo on the pickguard comes from some car also called Firebird (for our American readers, we urban European people can leave an entire life without putting any interest into cars). Of course, the fact that the Firebird is one of my favorite guitars (even more in the hands of PJ Harvey as I already stated on this blog) helped catching my attention - I wouldn't have noticed this mod on a strat.

BTW it's a strange thing to me that when I make a guitar (yes that's what I do!) I put a lot of work in making it look all machine made smooth and flip out at the idea of any little mark that would reveal my clumsy craft (oh these hours of sanding with bleeding fingers!), but I enjoy on old factory guitars the marks of an appropriation process...

But sanding off a guitar finish to make it look older is in any case definitely inept.


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  1. Six years later I STILL WANT THIS BEAST.



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