Monday, 14 September 2009

60s Migma/Musima thinline

migma thinline

I swear, I'm not fixated on these guitars, I don't owe shares in the company (they didn't had that in GDR, did they?) and I'm not even German, but when I browse the web for interesting guitars, the best I can see is most of the time one these Migma/Musima. Everybody agrees about the Italian guitar genius but I more and more believe in something similar but unsuspected for German ones (remember the Jazzgitarren website).

This one seems unsophisticated, but it has a very special shape, whose originality comes from simplicity - the best way!
You'll notice the tremolo, an interesting solution for an archtop hollow-body, also the 3 pickups, not so common for this type of guitars (and all their knobs and switches!).

Ach ja, my GAS is all titillated!

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