Tuesday 1 September 2009

Gibson in laminated SG shock horror!


As Bertram stated in the previous post, we don't usually feature new product on this blog, but these particular guitars are wacky enough that I just couldn't ignore them.

This new SG Zoot Suit from Gibson is built from dyed pieces of multiple birch wood laminate which has been compressed and bonded to form a solid block of wood. The colours you see are of the actual dyed pieces of laminate - no paints are used - the guitar is finished in two coats of satin nitrocellulose lacquer.

Gibson claim that the guitar has enhanced sustain and resonance. So, does everything they've been telling us over the years about tonewoods go out the window? This is basically a laminated guitar, and at £1,999 it hardly comes cheap.

I confess that I do quite like the aesthetics of this guitar, although perhaps the slightly more sober-looking black and natural version (below) is more to my tastes.

Thanks to Alan P for the tip-off!

G L Wilson

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