Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dean Cadillac '1980'
Dean Cadillac

I've always loved the Dean Cadillac, it has the elegance of a true classic and I'm surprised that it doesn't have a better reputation. I guess that a lot of people will look down at it since Dean is renown for making guitars for metalheads - but the same people would die for an Explorer of a Flying V because Gibson started them! The Cadillac is a clear tribute to Gibson's creativity with its mix between a Les Paul and an Explorer, and two beautiful parents cannot make an ugly baby (except Zakk Wylde's ridiculous ZV, but we don't have to mention it more than that).

It has the characteristic Dean headstock, which shape is meant to bring volume and mass, hence sustain (in its way this headstock is also a modern classic, sober and dynamic). I have to admit that the Cadillac looses a lot of its beauty without its cream binding, and is anyway at its best in black (would look good also in natural wood finish if it was not spoiled by these inevitable flamed tops). This one even had the right upgrade by replacing the golden hardware (always a little bit cheesy) by black one.
The Cadillac bass is also quite something and I considered getting one but it doesn't seem to be available in Europe...

OK, beat me now!


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