Wednesday, 2 September 2009

60s Eko Kadett
eko kadett
Bad bad me, I stole these pictures on the Fetish Guitar Eko Kadett page (it's not the only Kadett there, it's worth going there and check all these beauties), but the eBay ad where I first spotted it has very bad pics.

I love these tough square horns and the pointy top, it makes the design both dynamic and stable. And the trem is another piece of cool steel engineering - like on the Musima guitar I posted about last week.

Eko still makes a model called Kadett, that is not bad but nothing as good as this one. It's bizarre that nowadays some Brits build fancy guitars under the brand Italia while the Italians forgot how to (or don't dare anymore) be as creative as they used to be (one day someone will have to explain to me why the Italian 60s have been so good for guitar design)...


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