Thursday, 17 September 2009

Cort Jim Triggs Thinline
cort jim triggs

I wanted to post about the Cort Jim Triggs thinline hollow-body for a while now, this transparent orange TRG1 is a good opportunity. These really good-looking guitars are hollow-bodies, that means that they have no central beam like semi-hollows - so the stop tail is not screwed on the archtop but is a long model tail piece. I really love the very special and still very simple cutaway, also the tear-drop F-holes. Sobriety and strong impact!

The TRG1 has a single neck pickup and a wooden bridge, that makes it what is considered as a jazz guitar. Here on the right is the TRG2 with 2 humbuckers, a Bigsby and a pickguard - and it looks pretty good in black too. I would put the perfect TRG between these 2 models - with transparent black finish, 2 humbuckers and a stop-tail!

This guitar was produced in the mid-90s, strangely neither Cort nor Jim Triggs websites mention it...


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  1. I have an orange TRG1 just like above—only without the mods. GREAT guitar for jazz as I like it, strung with D'A Chrome 12s. Wonderful neck, so easy to get around. Light-weight, too, compared to many. Warm and dark with the tone rolled off some (via that surprisingly nice original Mighty Mite pickup).

    Is that your guitar then? Nice look from the stock (which is still very nice). Ebony knobs and a P-90 (SD Phat Cat?) I can do, of course, but **where did you get the tailpiece**? Did holes have to be drilled in the body, etc.?

  2. Hello!

    I really love the look of the brownish Cort above, the ones I've seen 'live' have a brighter orange look. I have a turquoise/green TRG-1 just like the one pictured above with Ernie Ball's heavy bottom skinny top strings, except that I've got a gold tailpiece.
    It's very easy to play when you get used to the strings, which lay almost two inches above the body.
    I play mainly blues with it and I bend the strings a lot. Could that be the reason why it gets out of tune so quick? Would another set of tuners help?

    Thanks in advance,
    Tim from The Netherlands



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