Sunday, 26 December 2010

1994 Ibanez Talman TV650

The Ibanez Talman is a typical example of a series of great guitars that didn't find their players - between 1994 and 1998 several varations of the Talman were released, with different designs, woods (including a composite wood known as Resoncast), and pickups (humbuckers, minibuckers, lipsticks, P90s and different combinations), then the model disappeared, I feel, before anybody even had the time to notice that Ibanez could do something else than JEMs.

This beautiful Ibanez Talman TV650 seems to be a poly-hybrid - the body and the pickguard merge Telecaster and Firebird designs, with a typically Japanese long lower horn, the pickups are two mini humbuckers and a lipstick in central position, a rare but quite logic combination, the knobs and the switch come directly from a stratocaster but the control/jack plate that belongs to the Talman but fuse Tele and Strat gear in a genius strike.

I'm usually not a fan of golden gear but there it fits perfectly the the cream finish of the Resoncast body and the perloid binding. It's a superb instrument and it's a pity that it's been discontinued so quickly, it had the potential of a classic - we need news classics, the old ones are tired and boring. 

Look at another Talman here.


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  1. I love this guitar. I have one too. It's always my first choice.
    I like how the mini humbuckers keep their definition with high gain and don't become too "phat".
    And it's just a very pretty guitar which plays very smooth.
    Yours is a little cleaner and shinier than mine. Mine is used a lot and it shows.
    Here a picture of me with my TV650.[gallery]/8/
    Thanks for making this blog.

  2. How much this Guitar ?

  3. I have one I'd love to sell (Florida) -- good condition! Curious as well what the going price is for this --

  4. I keep reading that they were made from 1994 but mine is from '93.(serial F332593) Awesome guitar, I absolutely love it!

  5. Mine is from '93 not '94. (F332593) Absolutely love her!



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