Friday, 24 December 2010

A Christmas mystery

I thought I'd end the year on a Chrissy-massy note so I did a search on eBay for "Christmas guitar" to see what I could come up with...

Well, I came up with a Spanish Christmas Mystery™... Almost at the top of the search was this... Six postcards (just four shown here for space as the others just contained more violins, which we all know are boring).

Mystery number one: Why are they described as Christmas cards when they are obviously EASTER CARDS (Pascuas is Easter in Spanish)? Maybe to trap some ignorant Guiri? (in Spanish - a foreigner - Like "Gringo" in Mexican - Just found this... a laughable foreigner that stands out like a sore thumb in Spain... That's me) I just emailed the seller and he answered in perfect Spanish so I'm certain he knows exactly what it says on the cards.

Mystery number two - and this is much more interesting: What on earth is the instrument this angel is playing? It seems to be a four string ukelele or mandolin with a single sided, Fender style headstock! It's certainly fretted. It has a violin size and shape and in pic 3, she's holding it just like a guitar! I've asked to see a better resolution image but the chances are this is as much as we're gonna get. The pictures LOOK pretty old and I'd love to know what the hell this is!

David in Festive Barcelona - Happy Christmas everyone, especially Gavin, for letting me mess around with his very cool blog and Bertram for his singular perspective on music and/or art and all our readers for all their support and contributions - Matt, Dre, Greg, Mike, Albert, Wendell, John - still checking your blog - Arne and all the other regulars. To all a very GASSY new year. PS The Mel-O-bar is now out of customs and when (if) I get back from my winter sojourn in dear old snowed-in Blighty, it should be waiting for me in my office. The only thing then is to find a way to get it into the house with the minimum of fuss so the Missus doesn't notice the collection has grown again - two 1940s lap steel guitars, one very cool Aria acrylic "Jazzmaster" Legend and a Fender FR48 resonator after I said "no more". Did I mention the Peavey Vypyr 30 and Sanpera II controller - also still in the office? What a F***ING beast! A future classic without a doubt. I got it as a practice amp - I had read somewhere that someone said they hadn't got it past one. Past one? I haven't got it past 0.1! It is so, so, so, so loud! And, if that wasn't enough, the range of sounds you can get out of it... OMFG! PLUS... ... ... TOP class effects and sims - I wonder what Santa has for me this year... After this lot, it had better be something really bloody good!

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