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Mathias Lerche's photo album from the Copenhagen Guitar Show 2012

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Overview at the fair
Mathias writes: I thought I would drop you a few lines about Copenhagen guitar show that was this weekend (6-7 October). I had a stand with the few guitars I have and decided to take pictures of the other builders at the fair.

Overview at the fair
MAGMA (that would be my stand, and yes that's beer under the table)
My nice neighbors at the fair, Sanden Guitars of Sweden, with a fanned fret and true temperament models. Yum!
Legendary Danish builder and repairman Denis Dalsgaard responsible for all the wacky basses for Stig Pedersen of D-A-D
Buffing up an old slanted fret acoustic built for a handicapped guy
Skilled builder and shredder Donovan of Librium Guitars looking mean with a beret (he's not really)
Peder Pedersen and son Kim of PP-Guitars (that's the father on the right). They know how to utilize a CNC router.
Schloff Guitars
Michael Schillhof (I believe) of German Schloff Guitars showing off some smooth transitions.
Master builder Ole Kehlet...
...and a closeup of his top of the line model. Around 120000 Danish Kroner (about 16000 Euro) if I remember correctly. Drool...
My personal favorite at the fair: Le Fay Basses of Germany. Cool design, workmanship and great attention to detail.
Meik Dobbratz and his brother even do all the hardware themselves.
Le Fay Basses: Closeup of fanned fret ...
... and steel fingerboard-fretless models.
The horror...
A funky GUS guitar ...
...which shares a jack plug feature with mine
A Mayones with an interesting finish. Deep grooves dyed red and nicely bound.
Lastly, spot the guitar hero!

All for now, take care.


I would like to thank Mathias for generously sharing his Copenhagen Guitar Show photos with us exclusively at Guitarz. G L Wilson

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  1. Correction: Thats not Denis Dalsgaard holding the slanted fret guitar and I don't think what Donovan is wearing is called a sixpence. Beret?

    1. If it's not Denis Dalsgaard, do you know who it might be so I can correct the caption.

      As for Donovan and his "sixpence", I thought you meant that he liked using a pre-decimal UK 6d coin as a plectrum, Brian May fashion!

    2. The guy with the big smile is Denis, but I don't the name of who's holding the guitar other than he works in Marno Sørensen music shop. Nice guy, though.
      I never understood how Brian can play with a metal coin. I have a granite plectrum and it's absolutely horrible to handle/listen to/pay for. Way too hard.

  2. Thumbs up for Europe.Electric guitars are not only american.On the Magma stand; beers! that's not unusual (air conditioning,North of europe) but also an unfinished body probably to show the customers how it's made.It's a long time I didn't go to such a place. Great pictures and many,many good ideas.I love "Rickenbackeresque" Schloff basses. Thank you very much.

  3. I looked at a very similar Mayones guitar in my report from the London International Music Show 2009.

    See: http://guitarz.blogspot.com/2009/06/london-international-music-show-2009.html
    (may need to copy and paste)



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