Monday, 15 October 2012

Motorik Guitar Works SD-40 - Yamaha SG-2 replica
Long-term followers of Guitarz will know by now that I am great fan of early Yamaha electric guitars, especially the SG-2, SG-3 and SG-12 models. (If you'd like more info on these guitars, please read my article on the Vintage & Rare blog).

The above pictured SG-2 looks like it must have been preserved in a time capsule for the last 44 years. However, Yamaha enthusiasts might have spotted that shoreline gold was not a colour option, these guitars only being produced in pearl white, sunburst, and coral red.

But neither is this an original SG-2 that has been refinished. It is actually a brand new guitar, a replica of the SG-2 painstakingly and lovingly built by Ben of Motorik Guitar Works, a regular contributor to the forums. The attention to detail on this build is quite outstanding, even down to the hardware used, much of which had to be custom-made by specialist suppliers. The guitar, which Ben has named the Motorik Guitar Works SD-40, was commisioned by the wife of a very good friend of Ben's for his 40th Birthday. (And where can I meet a woman like that?)

Ben also has a second Yamaha replica in the works, this time it's an SG-3 replica and this one he's going to be keeping for himself. When it is finished, it'd be very interesting to compare it side by side against my own Yamaha SG-3 original (and why do I get the sneaking feeling that it might possibly sound better?).

For more photos of Ben's SG-2 replica and to follow the complete build, see the Yamaha SG-3 & SG-2 replica project builds thread on Take some time out, read it from the beginning and marvel.

G L Wilson

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  1. Can I just take this opputuinity to give a shout out to all known (and unkmnown) models of yamaha acoustic? I own 5 and I think we need to raise their profile among guitar geeks a little. Fromn personal experience both th R.O.C. models and Japan models are perfection itself, and the china models aren't too shabby either!

    yamaha is a brand that deserves a lot more professional respect. They may be bought mainly by the poor and leanering among us, but they're good enough for all players! Don't be suckered in by the 1000$ acoustics!

    And Whenever I ssee one of thse yamaha offset electrics, i always get the sneaking suspicion someone has turned one down in favour of an old jaguar or jazzmaster. The fools. (Granted, I think they';re fools for not buying both).

    1. If you'd like to write us a guest blog post and have some photos I'd be happy to publish it on here.

  2. Anonymous8:49 am

    i like your post, can i take on of more Guitars

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