Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Vintage & Rare "Guitar" of the Week: Manndolins by Jonathan Mann

I'm a couple of days late with this Vintage & Rare "Guitar" of the Week and once again, it's not actually a guitar I'm featuring. The instrument you see pictured here is actually a Manndolins 5-string Octave/Baritone semi-hollow body electric mandolin by Jonathan Mann (check out his website here), handbuilt in Tennessee, USA. Jonathan Mann explains his range as follows:
I am a "small shop" instrument builder and repairman. In the past I have built dulcimers, acoustic and electric guitars and acoustic and electric mandolins. Currently I am building only mandolins and concentrating on my "neck thru" design.

I recently got back into the electric mandolin, (building and playing). I came up with this body style by "morphing" a few popular styles into one. Available with 4, 5 or 8 strings. These Manndolins are available in three body types :
  1. Hollow body - This version utilizes a traditional style floating bridge and has the most acoustic volume of the three. Its tone is warmer both acoustically and plugged in.
  2. Semi Hollow body - This version has the lighter weight of the hollow body but has a mahogany block under the bridge which decreases the acoustic volume but increases the sustain and feedback resistance. This model uses the Aluminum "wrap around" Bridge/Tailpiece.
  3. Solid Body - This version has the least amount of acoustic volume and the most sustain/feedback resistance. It also uses the aluminum "wrap around" Bridge/Tailpiece.
Instruments such as that pictured are listed for sale on Vintage & Rare priced at €775.

G L Wilson

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