Thursday, 31 January 2013

1970s Eko Manta

We didn't show an Eko guitar here for ages - here is a Manta in very good condition for 40-year old guitar. It's one of the models that have been reissued by the reborn Eko company lately - I must say I prefer the original pickups (probably just my chrome fetish). The bridge couldn't be simpler, I wonder how the intonation is on this guitar!

Bertram D

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  1. "in very good condition for 40-year old guitar"

    So much so I'd tend toward case queen or re-finished/chromed. Remarkable condition, even the inlays pop! You could EAT off that trem. Speaking, the leverage/pivot point looks off. Isn't the arm normally situated closer or directly -over- the spring itself?

    Not the effort required would be prohibitive, but a strain on the overall assembly. Just curious.

    1. I noticed the oddly placed trem arm as well-it's positioned in such a way that it must feel really weird when you push the arm down. Lovely guitar though, especially the strange tuner buttons. I haven't seen the reissue and I think that's probably a good thing-I bet they haven't done it justice and have replaced the bridge and tailpiece with something far more mundane.

    2. I have a similar trem on my Musima - have to admit that I broke the arm...

    3. Strikes me if you're more than a rounding error from perfect alignment, there is stress on the assembly. Obviously these were pre-dive bombing/Manic Depression ( and you are a little hard on equipment? )

      Don't get me wrong, I love the 'look' of it. Just curious, how would you describe the action on your Musima?

  2. Can yous say what name / type pickup in there? because i have the same old gitaar but the Pickup are amazing



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