Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pagelli-designed Burns Jet Sonic
The Burns Jet Sonic was one of the 500 guitars I chose to include in the book 500 Guitars which I was asked to author back in 2009 and was published early the following year. Unfortunately it was also one of the guitars that was not actually pictured in the book, so I think its high time (even though Burns London have now discontinued the model) I made amends by featuring it on this blog. As I wrote in the book:
The Jet Sonic is a post-Jim Burns design, courtesy of Italian designed Pagelli. At first glance it looks like someone has taken a saw to a Les Paul but a closer inspection reveals some tasty curves and contours, and the gently curving upside-down 6 in-a-line head complements its weird good looks. Otherwise the layout is pretty standard fare, with two Burns split-coil humbuckers (albeit in parallelogram-shaped casings), single volume and tone and 3-way selector switch.
The above-pictured example is currently being offered for sale on eBay UK with a Buy It Now price of £549.

G L Wilson

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  1. Having bought the book, I can say I would have remembered this one! Love the lines and just about anything of Italian design, and while this looks top shelf ( are those pu's non-adjustable? )

    Perhaps it's managed by other means. Mercedes believes you should adjust the driver 'to' the wheel, and perhaps Pagelli feels the strings should be adjusted 'to' the pu's? Regardless, smashing example!

  2. It must be an optical illusion but looking at the nut and the pickups in the middle picture, it almost looks like it has fanned frets.

    1. yeah, I think that's just an illusion caused by the way the instrument is standing at a slight angle in the photo.

  3. This one seems in beautiful shape. Its aesthetics reminds me of Jacques Tati's film "My uncle"

    1. I wouldn't have made that connection, but it's good to know you appreciate the works of the great Jacques Tati. My favourite is "Playtime" - I've watched that over and over, especially love the restaurant segment.



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