Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cupit nylon-string travel guitar: a small instrument with a big sound
Travel guitars, particularly the acoustic variety, are all too often a compromise with sound being sacrificed for portability. The Cupit travel guitar has a length of 22.5" (which makes what? A scale length of 18 or 19 inches? That's positively ukulele territory!) but manages to produce a full rich sound. As the website explains:
This guitar's patented revolutionary unique design joins the end of the neck to the body creating an all around brace removing the need for a truss rod. The three sound holes in the top side create a better listening perspective for the player. The round hole and F hole help to distribute the tones equally along the front of the instrument.
I guess that volume-wise (I'm talking litres rather than decibels) the body is of similar size - although a very different shape - to that of a regular classical guitar. The video below gives a good indication of how good it sounds/.

The Cupit travel guitar has a list price of $499.99, but according to the website it appears to currently have a sale price of $349.99. Just one last comment: that name "Cupit"... judging by the logo it looks as if someone couldn't spell "Cupid".

G L Wilson

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  1. I was thinking "Culprit", that works for me. Maybe tha's Cupid in another language, or a play on the maker's name.

  2. Well, it does sort of recall an era where young gentlemen callers would woo the object of their affections in the hopes of winning them over w/ song? Melodic, soulful, but most importantly ( portable! )

  3. From the Cupit website: "Cupit Music Group is a complete entertainment company that was established in 1980 by industry veteran Jerry Cupit." I guess that explains the name...

    1. Fair enough... and I guess that as it sounds a bit like "Cupid" they ended up with that logo. Unless "Cupit" is derived from Cupid.



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