Sunday, 27 January 2013

what is this Plasma-labeled guitar?

This Plasma guitar feels like a one-off - and if not it's been anyway retrofit because you wouldn't find a wooden pickguard on any factory guitar! Or maybe it is a Frankenstein, because neck and headstock are typically 1970s Japanese cheapo... But I don't remember ever seen such pickups and bridge (and the knobs could come from a toaster or something). Any idea?

Bertram D

Edit: it appears that it's a modified Jolana Star VII - with a simplified bridge, a home-made pickguard and a fake brand on the headstock (and, er..., the knobs are original)... There were so many of these Jolanas! Thank to a FaceBook follower for the information... 

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  2. No matter what you say, those hand crafted guitars are amazing. Great talent. Do you have skills in maybe custom guitar straps? Or where to get them. Thanks for the site. Thank you.



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