Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ergo Instruments one-off doubleneck bass, 4 + 8 strings, fretted/fretless
Here's another intriguing one-off from Ergo Instruments, who normally specialise in upright electric basses (we've previously looked at a couple of their guitars based on Prince's Cloud design).

It's a doubleneck bass guitar with fretted and fretless necks. Also, the fretless neck is strung as an 8-string bass (i.e. four doubled courses with octave strings), which surprised me as I would have expected the fretted neck to be the 8-stringer.

The necks are of hard maple/figured bubinga, and the body is 3-piece hard maple, thinner than usual so as to keep the weight down. Pickups are P-bass units by Dragonfire.

Currently listed on eBay with a stating bid of £999.

G L Wilson

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  1. Makes me wonder if its creator did a mock up prior to actual fabrication? Is there a way for this to be properly balanced? The deep offset of the two necks may be aesthetically pleasing but I can't help but feel you'd struggling to keep it in playing alignment?

    OT but neat tech tip: While re-working SIL's MIM I was girding my loins to remove the pivot plate from the trem block and... the (3) machine screws were essentially thumb tight! The strings provided more cohesion. Made me wonder about the scale of the trem after market and how much of it might be entirely unnecessary? Strange thing is, he never even installed the trem arm! It's a 2000 so normal vibration over time seems the culprit. Always open to suggestions...



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