Tuesday, 9 April 2013

1995 Epiphone Sorrento

This Epiphone Sorrento is a 1995 re-issue of the 1960s model, now equipped with chrome P-90s - a chance to admire the impeccable classicism of an archtop with a florentine cutaway (the world needs more of these...)  

And I discovered a wiki dedicated to Epiphone instruments that is a very interesting tool for guitar lovers - I've said here before how much I appreciate Epiphone's affordable quality instruments, that are meant for musicians and not lawyers or traders.

Bertram D

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  1. "meant for musicians and not lawyers or traders"

    Amen to that Bertram!

  2. Their conviction all the more remarkable in that the market for AT's simply wasn't there in the mid-90's. The workmanship looks top notch.

    Thankfully at a threshold below what traders and suits would find worthy of their attention. Even if it tripled in value it wouldn't show up on their radar.

  3. I have this exact model, it looks identical, all other Sorrentos have slight differences but this is identical to mine. Great guitar, a future heirloom, not many people have guitars like this. It always gets a wow! from people whether they are a fan of guitars or not. Classy



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