Wednesday, 10 April 2013

1980s Harmony electric guitar, made in Japan: any info appreciated
From our Facebook page:
Hello my name is Juan from Argentina. I'm a big fan of your web and I have a question. A friend of mine bought this Harmony guitar and we didnt find any information about it, the seller says that is made in Japan in mid 80s; it a bolt on guitar with humbuckers but we dont know anything more. Do you know something? Thank you.
I honestly don't know, but then I never claimed to be an expert. It does look 1980s Japanese, that much I can see. But I'm going to throw this question open to the readership. Does anyone out there have any further information about these Japanese-made Harmonys?

G L Wilson

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  1. No expert here either but if it's from the 80's it would be the very *early* 80's! What I did find was a "Sears Wishbook" from 1985 and the Harmony guitars avail. thru that retail channel were already in full shred mode.

    Pointy, whammy, lots of knobs, slick paint jobs and very little owed to more traditional designs such as this. By no means definitive, but telling. Still, in that condition this is quite a find! As Bertram would say, more for players than lawyers or collectors...

  2. I ask in the harmony web and this was the answer

    Thank you for contacting us regarding your Harmony guitar. The guitar you have was most likely made in Japan. The original Harmony Guitar Co., located in Chicago, IL., went out of business in 1976. The Harmony trademark, the inventory, parts and machinery were sold at auction. The Harmony trademark was purchased by a company named Global Trading Co. They proceeded to have guitars under the Harmony trademark made in Japan and then they supplied the large mass merchants such as Sears, Penny’s, and others. We did not purchase the Harmony trademark until Feb. of 2009.

    The original Harmony guitars made all of their fretted instruments in their Chicago factories. Their original factory was on Lawndale Ave. and then they moved to 4600 South Kolin Ave. Both of these factories were located on the south side of Chicago. I am familiar with this information as I was the vice president of sales for the Harmony Company from the mid 1960’s to the mid 1970’s.

    I am sorry that I cannot help you with more information regarding your Harmony guitar. You might try searching the internet for things like Sears’ guitars.

    Larry Goldstein
    Westheimer Corporation

  3. This is an 1980s guitar. I just know that Harmony was founded in Chicago in the 1980s. It is hard to find out more about a guitar manufactured in different countries. I have Hammer Guitar made in Korea I cant find any information on when it was made and which model.

  4. My h802 hamony vintige 1980s says made in Taiwan on the stock?

  5. Hello all,

    I own almost the same guitar, but with a red finish, and my pickups may not be the original ones, but the bridge pickup is a japanese MMK45. Headstock is the exact same one. Neck is very thick and large, the body is heavy and there's a carved chamber in it.

    You can see pics of mine here:

  6. Hi
    I have opportunity to buy this guitar, but I am not sure about the price. Is 251 dollars ok?

  7. i have the exact same guitar at home! Does anyone know about the price range these instruments are in?

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