Friday, 12 April 2013

German MIJ Luxor

Luxor guitars were made in Japan in FujiGen Gakki for a German company in the 1970s, and its law-suit Les Pauls are still well sought after. This Luxor model definitely has some Jaguar in its DNA - like many European guitars of the time - but its own personality, and something already 1980s in its outline. 

Bertram D

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  1. Two comments. Firstly, that guitar appears to have been modified (top horn cut down) and refinished, and secondly that the hardware, particularly the pickups are very similar to the ones used on the unaccountably over-rated Epiphone ET-270T.

  2. It also should be related with Teisco if the neck pickup had been slanted the other way!

  3. Replies
    1. I agree... it's a shoddy job.

  4. badly refinished, for sure, top horn modified, I don't think so, and the pickups I've seen somewhere else too, but not on the Epiphone...

  5. pickups looks like ARIA guitar made by matsumoko in early 70.

  6. matsumoku factory aria epiphone and gretsch (eldorado) parts

  7. matsumoku factory they made epiphone aria gretsch(eldorado) with the same parts. i have a aria 1832t a blond with 2 p90 type pickups. shape and sound is different then the other 2 and 3 pickup models. and more rare



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