Thursday, 4 April 2013

Design your guitar with Moniker Guitars
Kevin from Moniker Guitars here. Moniker Guitars is a small/brand new Austin, TX based guitar maker. We build custom electric guitars that you can design and order at No one else is doing anything quite like this and guitar players have responded to the chance to design their guitar by choosing colors, parts, and even adding text or graphics.

We're currently running a Kickstarter campaign and have some awesome deals on our new semi-hollow guitars. Early bird specials starting at $800.


Looks great to me - head on over to and/or their Kickstarter campaign for more information. - G L Wilson

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  1. A lot of Duesenberg in this brand!

    1. I was going to say! Actually played one at the dealer up in Portland, Oregon and they were sweet. Of course the sales pitch goes; "For a seasoned player such as yourself, isn't it really TIME you had a specialized guitar of this caliber..?"

      Which I can more than agree with, but at THRICE the price of a Moniker..? Not sure I fully understand the "Kickstart program"? It is a new concept but does a deposit assure one of (a) model or *your* model? A little clarity might help. Kind of sounds like an "IPO" ( Initial Public Offering ) where you might get some, all or NONE of the shares you've tried to reserve.

      I'm sure that's not the case here but if one of the Moniker founders would care to clarify? Thanks in advance!

    2. Both, it would seem. Check the right-hand column where it lists all the different pledge "rewards".

    3. Anonymous6:50 pm

      Thank you for your interest! The Kickstarter campaign is a way to offer our first group of semi-hollow guitars at a lower price than they will be once they are officially launched. The catch is that these prices only kick in if the total goal is met. If not, all pledges are voided.

      The deposit assures you whatever reward you select. We are currently offering 4 base models that we designed at a lower price, or you can design your own at $1,200.



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