Saturday, 13 April 2013

Left-handed Höfner 4578 (Ambassador)

Again, there've been so many Höfner models with so many variations over time that they are difficult to identify with certainty, but I have enough elements to say it's a mid-1960s 4578 - the continental equivalent to the Ambassador model sold by Selmer in the UK. 

It's a beautiful classic guitar, and like usually my heart melts for an archtop with double florentine cutaways - but I'm right-handed so this baby is not for me.

Bertram D

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  1. Beautiful guitar! I remember emoting over these years ago in the music stores. Had a Hofner acoustic and a Beatle Bass (both were stolen -- from me, not by me!), but never managed to acquire an Ambassador. Thanks for the memory!

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  2. I will never understand why people photograph guitars upside down.



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