Monday, 21 October 2013

1960s Orpheum violin-bodied guitar from Italy
At first I mistook this guitar for a Russian-made Orpheus or Orfeus (they seemed to used the different spellings inter-changably), but of course it is a 1960s Italian-made Orpheum violin-bodied guitar with three pickups and a vibrato. Look at the position of the bridge practically in the centre of the body and the sheer distance between it and the point where the strings are anchored on the vibrato. Those who like modding guitars with pickups behind the bridge to capture those Sonic Youth-style overtones would love a guitar with that extra length of string, but it would be such a shame to modify a 1960s vintage Italian guitar such as this.

The seller insists that it is a player too:
Pickups sound amazing. Super warm and punchy. There are a ton of different tones that you can dial in, from warm and mellow "jazz tones" to super bright and jangly treble tones that would make any garage rockers dreams come true.
Currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $895.

G L Wilson

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  1. the headstock looks like a vox 12 string headstock that's been modified at the end. i wonder if theres the thin laminate stripes under the finish of the neck.....
    rob l. ridgway

  2. Guitars exloving into vilolins theses days

  3. Cool looking guitar. I'm surprised it's a player though. Would look great on my studio wall of guitars.

    Chris Banks
    Riff Academy
    Online Guitar Lessons



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