Monday, 28 October 2013

Two vintage 1966/67 Yamaha SG-3 solidbodies listed on eBay recently
I make no apologies for the claim that some may make that Guitarz is the unofficial Yamaha SG2/SG3/SG12 Fan Blog. Regular readers will already know that I am the proud owner of a 1966 Yamaha SG3 and indeed it has become one of my favourite ever guitar designs.

The three-pickup SG-3, along with the two-pickup SG-2 and 12-string SG-12, were Yamaha's very first foray into the world of solid body electric guitars and it is rare that they turn up for sale. Imagine my surprise recently when TWO examples, both seemingly in excellent condition, were offered for sale on eBay.

The red example, pictured top, looking not unlike Link Wray's "Screamin' Red" (which was actually an SG-2) is currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $1,948. The listing for the arctic white version also pictured has now finished with the guitar being sold for $1,100.

G L Wilson

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  1. Yamaha's and guitar fans always seem to have a complicated relationship.... Where a strange Guitar looking not unlike an abomination unto the lord will be given a lofty BIN price and will likely get ti.... Yamaha's are listed with reasonable prices and languish interminably. There was a 'Coral read' Yamaha SG 3 listed on eBay Australia with ever increasingly lower prices, eventually re-listed 3-4 times with a BIN of 850, It didn't sell.

    Yamaha gear, with a few exceptions (such as their analog synths) tends to get very medium prices.... A Vintage Red Label Nippon Gakki acoustic from the 60's will sell for less than a knackered Suzuki acoustic or any other random Japanese gear you wish to mention, despite being of equal, more often higher, quality.

    The reason? Yamaha have never been one for Lawsuit guitars. Sure, there were a handful of Lawsuit guitars in the 80's, but they were pre-dated by their more interesting designs and were outlasted by said designs. And it's A shame the Lawsuit guitars are the only Japanese gear that people mainly buy.... So many intriguing pieces out there.

  2. I will never forgive myself for selling my red SG-12. Stupid. Aargh!!!

    1. i got one for sell.... can you ofer ?????

  3. nice, an original looking guitar without copying gibson or fender(slightly) \

  4. hey guys...i got a yamaha gs-12 here in my house!!
    actually its red...
    and its for sale!!!
    anybody interested???? how much do you ofer????
    i have to say that i live in bogota colombia...
    ok i´ll wait for your coments see you guys!!!

    1. Hi Martin, my name is Marcel and im from Costa Rica, do you still have it ??

    2. Hi Martin !
      I am Marcel from Costa Rica, do you still have it ? I'm interested !!

    3. hola marcel soy martin te parece nos comunicamos por facebook???
      aparezco como martin kema romo puedes enviarme una solicitud y empezamos a habalr mas comodamente... saludos!!!

  5. Hey there, My name is Rumen. I have electric guitar yamaha vintage sg3 1966 . Please help me to find original threeway electric switch.

  6. Hey there, My name is Rumen. I have electric guitar yamaha vintage sg3 1966 . Please help me to find original threeway electric switch.



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