Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Custom shop Guild M-75 Bluesbird

Guild's M-75 model was released as the Aristocrat in 1952 - the same year than Gibson's Les Paul - and has a hollow body despite its lack of sound holes. It's been discontinued and re-issued over the last decades in different versions - switching to its new name Bluesbird in 1968.

This recent (I don't know the precise date, but it doesn't look vintage) custom shop seafoam green model has DeArmond pickups and cool looking pickguard and knobs - and an elegantly slanted hardtail replaces the usual Guild stoptail. These guitars have quite good reputation, and I like their simplicity. 

Bertram D

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  1. It looks much more elegant than a Les Paul and doesn't have all the confusion of volume and tone controls. Nice one!

    1. Not entirely in agreement that two volumes and two tones is confusing, but anyway, it's nice. I've always been partial to hollowbodies with no f-holes.

    2. maybe not too confusing, but the more electronics, the more altered the sound is - less control is good for tone.

  2. After that last Skull Island guitar, this axe is like the Mona Lisa.

  3. Very elegant indeed and very similar to an Höfner club...I'd like to see this one in black!

  4. nice not liking the pale green though

  5. I love the simplicity. Especially how simple yet effective the slanted tail piece is in adding to the design. Not a fan of the color but I can see this looking amazing in a tobacco burst.



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