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Tikanta Benincaso featuring three necks, 34 strings, Fernandes Sustainer, GraphTech Ghost acouctic/MIDI system...
Well, this is certainly a very eye-catching instrument. I'll allow the luthier responsible for this remarkable creation tell you more:
My name is Michele Benincaso, born in 1976 , I'm an Italian luthier and I live in Stockholm since 2007.

My interest in instrument making started more than 20 years ago, when I was 16 years old and after I listened Jaco Pastorius I pulled off the frets from my bass. After I was studying jazz and classical music on bass and double bass and I decided to move to Cremona, the city of Stradivari where the violin was born. There I studied at the international school of violin making Antonio Stradivari, and I worked on violins for couple of years before moving back to my first love: the guitar.

But that wasn't enough and I started searching something in the past for looking in to the future, and here you can see my latest instruments:

The wood I used for the Trikanta is the same that Stradivari used for his violins (Italian Spruce, Bosnian Maple and on top of it I used 8000 years old oak tested with Carbon 14), melted with electro-acoustic system, midi system and Fernandes Sustainer. The tools, hand curving, varnish process come from the traditional violin making school.

Kind Regards from Stockholm

Michele ---
The Trikanta features a harp neck with 20 strings, piezo system with acoustic chamber, a 7-stting guitar neck with Lundgren Pickups, Fernandes Sustainer, GraphTech Ghost acoustic/MIDI system, and a semi-fretted lower neck with 7 strings, 3 on the fretless side and 4 arranged in two courses on the fretted size, and a piezo system.

G L Wilson

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  1. Impresive instrument!

    1. would be interested in seeing an acoustic version without Midi or Sustainer electronics.

    2. It was inspired by such an instument - check the link!

    3. thanks for the heads up.
      the acoustic version is ultra kewl.

  2. What a splendid work of art also the rest of his are astounding. Guitars only an Italian could make.



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