Thursday, 3 April 2014

Idol semi-hollowbody electric guitar, huge body, crazy design
Last month we looked at a vintage Japanese-made Idol electric guitar; it was guitar brand name that I was previously unfamiliar with, but now here's another one also being offered for sale on eBay. This time it's an Idol semi-hollowbody electric guitar. Again it has the rather exaggerated body shape; in fact the body on this particular model looks to be huge.

This guitar is currently listed on eBay with what I would call a highly optimistic Buy It Now price of US $1,249. Bear in mind that the last Idol guitar we looked only fetched US $115. If you like the looks of this semi and can live without the vibrato you'd probably be better off buying a Pure Salem Electric End, which surely must be inspired by this guitar but at $825 is a lot cheaper and will have modern-day quality and playability.

Pure Salem Electric End
G L Wilson

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  1. Very reminiscent of the Teisco Firebird.

  2. That dark green Guitar with P90's and a "quiff" headstock is a Japanese Greco..!!

    1. Except it isn't. Follow the link.

  3. You gotta' love the lads at Pure Salem for picking up on such an obscure design. I dig it! But the price, not so much...

  4. There were only around 200 of the Idol/Marlin PA 25's made. Made by the great Matsumoto....i own one



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