Wednesday, 9 July 2014

1960s Alamo Fiesta

Two things are sure about Alamo guitars: they are rare vintage US cheapos, and they do have strange shapes - strange outlines, strange pickguards, strange pickups, a look at this Alamo Fiesta says all… 

Alamo was an early amp company from Texas that released guitars in the 1960s, and anything I could write about it would be copied on this article, so it's better to read it if you're interested. One surprising thing is that this guitar is not mere a planck, but is actually hollow - that is almost sophisticated… 

Bertram D

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  1. My first guitar! $27 in 1964. Not very distinguished, to say the least. I replaced the pickup with one from a Silvertone. The Alamo amps are much more common (I had a Paragon), some of which are pretty good, in a bluesy way.

  2. Brand new. There was one music dealer in the Minneapolis area who had some Texas connection. They show up here once in a while. I traded it for a Vox student model which looked nicer, but wasn't much better. I traded that guitar and $50 for a '59 Les Paul Special. Now that was a REAL guitar!

  3. I was initially quite confused by this guitar - I thought the bridge/tailpiece was just the tailpiece, and the pickup was the bridge...Then I thought.., Oh yeah Danelectro, and figured out where the pickup was...!!! Weird shape, though.

    And Prof Batty - That LP special sounds like it was an absolute bargain!



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