Wednesday, 9 July 2014

1960s Alamo Fiesta

Two things are sure about Alamo guitars: they are rare vintage US cheapos, and they do have strange shapes - strange outlines, strange pickguards, strange pickups, a look at this Alamo Fiesta says all… 

Alamo was an early amp company from Texas that released guitars in the 1960s, and anything I could write about it would be copied on this article, so it's better to read it if you're interested. One surprising thing is that this guitar is not mere a planck, but is actually hollow - that is almost sophisticated… 

Bertram D

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  1. My first guitar! $27 in 1964. Not very distinguished, to say the least. I replaced the pickup with one from a Silvertone. The Alamo amps are much more common (I had a Paragon), some of which are pretty good, in a bluesy way.

    1. was it new or second hand?

  2. Brand new. There was one music dealer in the Minneapolis area who had some Texas connection. They show up here once in a while. I traded it for a Vox student model which looked nicer, but wasn't much better. I traded that guitar and $50 for a '59 Les Paul Special. Now that was a REAL guitar!

  3. I was initially quite confused by this guitar - I thought the bridge/tailpiece was just the tailpiece, and the pickup was the bridge...Then I thought.., Oh yeah Danelectro, and figured out where the pickup was...!!! Weird shape, though.

    And Prof Batty - That LP special sounds like it was an absolute bargain!



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