Monday, 14 July 2014

Gibson 2013 EB Bass
These days I mainly play bass gigs. If I do pick up a 6-string more often than not it's my Fender Bass VI. But I'm quite happy in the bass department with the four basses I have in my collection. However, had I been seen this beauty when on the lookout for a bass, I think I would have been very tempted.

It's a Gibson EB bass from 2013, a model that I admit I was hitherto totally unaware of. It bears little relation to the various vintage Gibson basses in the EB series, in fact stylistically it seems to owe more to Fender and Music Man.

However, in tried and trusted Gibson style it does feature a set neck. Note the heel-less neck join, which is made all the more apparent for having a maple neck set into the black finish of the body. For more info, full specs, etc, see Gibson's own EB page.

This particular example was recently listed on eBay UK and sold for under £550. I'm thinking someone got themselves a bargain there.

G L Wilson

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  1. can you please let me know the brand/model of that hard case? im looking for aomething like tht for the eb 13 bass, the stock hard case is too big... thnks!



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