Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Moses Graphite 42" scale headless Vertical Jump Bass

From Moses Graphite, this is a strange one. The Moses Vertical Jump Bass straddles that indefinable area between bass guitar and electric upright bass. It is indeed designed to be played in a vertical position - I'm guessing that bizarre elongated horn allows for a shoulder strap to keep the bass in the correct position. It also has a whopping 42" scale length - we're definitely in upright bass territory there. (Apparently, 42" scale is what you'd expect to find on 3/4-size double basses. 4/4-size double basses are, apparently, very hard to come by. The world seems to prefer 3/4-size. They have become the standard by default).

However, various of the Jump's other appointments are firmly rooted in the bass guitar camp: it is clearly designed to be worn on a strap rather than being a free-standing instrument. It has a magnetic pickup, flat fretboard... and notice there that I said FRETboard instead of fingerboard. This vertical bass is fretted, so whiltst I'm hard pressed to imagine how it could sound like a traditional upright bass, I appreciate that as it is a five-string model with a 42" scale length it ought tonally to sound pretty impressive.

Currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of US $1,500.

G L Wilson

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