Monday, 4 May 2015

Cort Effector Guitar likely from the 1980s with onboard effects

I've never seen the Cort Effector guitar. This Effector looks like a nice Explorer in its own right. Given the look of the electronics I'd assume that this guitar is from circa early 1980s. That would likely mean that it was built in Japan, and probably a pretty good player.  I'm sure the quality of the on-board effects is pretty low, but they are push button on and off, and that is tres-cool.

Also the Speed knob would really improve my playing, unless of course that is only for the speed of the effects.

Currently listed at $180 Canadian.

The seller links to this Reverb sale as a comparison, so I grabbed a couple of pictures form there as well.

R.W. Haller

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  1. I have the Strat-style bodied version. Definitely 80s vintage. Traded for a Kingston 12-string electric, which was beautiful, but non-functional. The effects work great, and the playability is as good as any other guitar I have (and I have a few)

  2. Anonymous10:42 pm

    I had the V version of this. Wish I still had it.



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