Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Quest Atak. My internal struggle continues.

Remember a few days ago when I gushed, against all better judgement, about this other Quest Atak? 

Well, the internet gods heard my blasphemy and sent forth a dragon to defeat my love.

Humbuckers? Yay! Maple fretboard? Also Yay!

But that paint job, oh dear. 

I'm sure it's quality work and that the artist is very talented in his/her own right, but can we please get away from the heavy imagery on guitars. If you really "rock" you need not dragons, skulls, and crosses to prove it. Let your playing be the evil/heavy factor in the rock equation.

But, all is not lost..........

This Quest Atak 1 has redeemed my faith in my original convictions.

Thank you, black body and hardware. Thank you.

R.W. Haller

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  1. The other thing about the paint job is that, when the guitar is actually being played, the dragon is upside down.

  2. Nice. With a constrating pickguard and or from a formica counter top covering material, and vintage (meh) looking knobs and pickups it may well pass for one those japanese twangy things that made the golden years of this blog. Kind of flower pot, offset waist silhouette, graphically sound, bold and balanced
    If you don't bother to preserve the 100% originality of this treasure trove in her 90' black-is-the-new-chrome and faux active pickups outfit, ça peut le faire...
    Well ... 2nd look. Nice as is too... but with the bridge of the dragon one which look more in that 'tech' way.

  3. Black guitars with maple necks awright!

  4. And I have a black Fernandez gumby body which will be paired with a peavey maple neck. The cheap late 80s superstrats

  5. Are great guitars for parts or modding.

  6. Comments works poorly with iPad. Sorry.



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