Thursday, 21 May 2015

Pure Salem Sad Fester Left-Handed guitar with beautiful top wood

I've never played a Pure Salem guitar but I'm well aware of them. And I've heard that they are great for their price range. I've always associated them with Eastwood guitars in that they take familiar guitars and put a nice twist on them, or take less familiar guitars and re-introduce them to the masses.

I love the top on this Left-Handed Sad Fester. Is that walnut? Or something more exotic? I've checked their website quickly and could not find one like this to find out.

At $400 it would be a great guitar for any lefty. Or I could buy it and string it backwards.

R.W. Haller

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  1. Hell of a price, hell of a history. This SURELY deserves mention on the blog.

    Also, this may look like spam, but I'm a real ordinary dude! No ulterior motives! I just couldn't find your e-mail to send you this listing. It's apparently the ORIGINAL electric guitar. Only recently thawed out from glacier ice.

  2. This is the pure Salem Sad Fester Left-Handed guitar with beautiful top wood and i like this and it's looking so amazing guitar. I have a good idea for just logged on:



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