Thursday, 14 May 2015

Defil Jowita Thinline style guitar from the 1980s

I'd only ever heard of Defil guitars on this blog as Betram had posted a few great examples in the past. Imagine my surprise when one shows up in my own proverbial back yard.

I love the styling of this Defil Jowita. It's unique but familiar at the same time. Defil was a Polish guitar company that started in the 1960s. This example is from the 1980's and as the seller states "The neck is quite hefty and large". This puts it on my radar even more as I'm a fan of baseball bat necks.

Currently listed at $300. 

What's stopping me?  Bloody children and their desire to eat, like everyday.

R.W. Haller

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    Here is a very well preserved Malwa. The link is from a polish auction site. Actually you can get those really cheap here in Poland, waaaay cheaper than 300$ :P.



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