Thursday, 24 June 2010

Fender John 5 Telecaster Deluxe HHH

Fender J5

GLW said so a few days ago and I confirm it, it's bizarre but there are less special guitars this last weeks to be found on the Internet, maybe we exhausted the kind of instruments we like to present here, but since I'm sure it's just provisory, let's say it's summer break!

Then we have room for less special but still special guitars, like the Fender John 5 Telecaster Deluxe - it's been released long enough not to give me the bad feeling to advertise for a hype model! Strangely I little by little get to appreciate Telecasters, and without falling into a cult fantasizing that the first solid body guitar by Leo Fender was definitely perfect, I like its simplicity and iconic status, a good starting point to be playful - as much in music making as in guitar building. I actually prefer the Deluxe model, not for its humbucker sound - a sound is a sound -, but for the strat headstock that is much better than the tele one.

And here come the J5 model, with its big chrome Deluxe pickguard and 3 humbuckers, a vintage strat trem, and minimal controls with just 2 knobs and one switch. I'm sure that this guitar can do much more that what it's been conceived for - not a fan of solo John 5, but liked his work in Marylin Manson in its glam - and most creative - phase. I'd be curious to see a J5 in 10 years, after being played intensively by so neo-grunge kid!


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