Saturday, 5 June 2010

Edward Tudor-Pole's road-worn acoustic
I just wanted to show these photos of punk legend Edward Tudor-Pole (formerly of Tenpole Tudor) and his beaten-up acoustic. I was astonished that the guitar with its severely warped and cracked top - complete with dents and holes - actually doesn't implode under the tension of strings tuned up to pitch, let alone the fact that it actually sounds fanstastic!

I am, of course, reminded of Willie Nelson's "Trigger" which also has a large hole worn away where his fingers hit the top. If anything, Tudor-Pole's guitar looks even more worn. No idea of the brand, by the way. The headstock is Martin-esque, possibly it was one of their sub-brands like Sigma.

Thanks to Olivia Broome for these photos.

G L Wilson

EDIT (22 Sept 2014): This guitar has now been repaired by Fylde Guitars.

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  1. It's a guitar made by the Fylde company in Cumbria and the model name is Olivia so the original poster can brag that there's a guitar with her name on it....



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