Monday, 30 September 2013

Bartolini red glitter finish 1960's Italian-made "cheesy" guitar
Guitars like this 1960s-era Italian-made Bartonlini may be perceived by many to be "cheesy", but I just love them. Maybe I'm easily impressed by the glitter and pearloid celluloid finishes, the rows of pushbutton switches, the perspex fingerboards, the unusual choice of FOUR pickups. Maybe I should be more concerned with what these guitars actually sound like. However, Hubert Sumlin, guitarist with Howlin' Wolf, was known to play a very similar Bartolini, and hey, if it was good enough for the likes of him...

Currently listed on with a Buy It Now price of €1,499.

G L Wilson

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  1. Judging by the footage the Bartolini wasn't the most excellent sounding or stable axe that Hubert ever played. Sure looked cool!

  2. Ok, the Bartolini hasn't got the best reputation, but I remember seeing Sumlin at Eel Pie Island in the sixties. Everyone was raving about the guitar (low attack and fantastic sustain). We didn't know what it was but I can promise you everyone wanted one. Maybe I'm looking at the past through rose-tints or maybe it didn't record well but none of the clips of Sumlin playing a Bartolini sound anything like I remember it.



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