Thursday, 12 September 2013

Musicvox MI-5 12-string bass in sea foam green
This Musicvox MI-5 12-string bass in a glorious all-over sea foam green finish is one seriously cool bass. It's the sort of instrument to make me start salivating Homer Simpson-style. Musicvox are known for their 12-string basses but previously examples have been based on the singlecut Space Cadet model rather than this twin-cutaway MI-5 design. Features include: 34 inch scale, neck through body construction, twin double truss rods, Grover Octave tuners, locking bass tuners, active and passive electronics, dual output jacks, custom cast and machined eight saddle 12 string bass bridge, special design active and passive Musicvox bass humbucking pickups. String tuning configuration: eeE aaA ddD ggG

Musicvox have recently been making available various guitars and basses in strict limited edition finishes and I believe that this MI-5 12-string basses may be another such limited edition, so if it appeals to you, snap it up fast!

Currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $1,499.

For further information, Musicvox's Matt Eichen talks us through the 12-string bass (in this instance a Space Cadet) in this video:

G L Wilson

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  1. That's got to be an all day project to restring. Probably have to take out a loan for the strings too.

  2. Lets post a video on you tube all about a guitar and not play it!!! RRR!

    1. There are a few other videos on YouTube showing these being played - it's simple enough to find them.

  3. haha I'm aware of that. What I'm getting at is it's pretty pointless posting a video of an instrument without a demonstration of what it sounds like. Surely?

  4. i like the MI-5 bass alot better than the Space Ranger.
    Still I wish Musicvox would just cut the lower bout on the body to be more in proportion with the entire instrument.
    It looks to Phallic...



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