Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blue box acoustic guitar is most likely a wall hanger
This one-off self-built guitar has echoes of cigar box guitar building, although with a much bigger box. The seller readily admits that it is most likely just a "wall hanger" and a "conversation piece" rather than a player - I mean, take a look at that wonkily fitted neck - but I wonder how it would perform inthe hands of someone like Seasick Steve.

Currently listed on eBay with just over a day left to go before the auction ends, and still at the starting bid price of $25 at the time of writing.

G L Wilson

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  1. hhhahah I would love to have it on my wall, yeah why not, it might get some attention from the ladies

  2. A true cigar box guitar should always have a wonky neck. as long as it's in line with the bridge it should be fine. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this one is although it maybe something to do with the crack.

  3. People should not dismiss box bodied instruments as just gimmicks or wall art. A few years ago I experimented with the box body (and variations) for a series of acoustic instruments ranging form a 19" scale baritone ukulele to a Harp guitar. All sounded amazingly good and were as comfortable to play as any large body standard guitar.

    Here are a few examples from my website.

    Baritone Uke

    23" scale Tenor guitar

    Archtop Box Jazz Guitar

    For using steel strings I found that I needed to increase the bodies rigidity. I found an 8 sided shape was a good solution.

    Classical Octar

    Baritone 8 string Octar

    I tried a variation to build an acoustic Lap Steel guitar.

    Weissenheimer Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar

    To see how far I could push the design limits, I built a Harp guitar.

    Heretic Harp Guitar

    My idea was to see if excellent sounding instruments could be built using normal woodworking tools found in most shops, without the need for a lot of specialty tools and jigs. It turns out, you can.

    1. I've got nothing against box-bodied instruments... just that the one pictured in the blog post looks to be even more slap dash than the most basic cigar box guitars. But of course with only photos to go on, we cannot hear how it sounds.

  4. Good for playing some bird house blues.

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