Sunday 22 September 2013

Zerberus Poledancer #001 - an unusual original design guitar from Germany
Here's an intriguing design from German boutique guitar manufacturer Zerberus. Named the Poledancer, it's a full-scale length solidbodied electric guitar with a diminutive body which appears to have been involved in a nasty collision with a piece of aluminium tubing. Although it's not to my own persoanl tastes, I have to admit that it does look very distinctive and I'm sure there'll be guitarists out there who love it.

Currently listed on eBay with a rather hefty price tag of $4,783.73.

G L Wilson

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  1. Just take a look at their website really well made and full of details. Though their kind of science fiction heroic fantasy design is not my first choice,I must admit that they work beautifully at least for the carving and finish job. Now how does it sound? Can anyone tell us?

  2. Beautifully made and reading the website I really like the builders ethos. Whether I would buy this (If I could afford It) is another thing. I like the Idea but maybe it's a bit too much of a solid industrial bar at odds with the rest of the design. Imagine if the top part of the bar was curved and tapered like the beautifully elegant horns of his other designs and the strap pins intergrated into the metal rather than screwed on. now that would be something to behold.

  3. In memoriam-- Phineas Gage

    (Google it).

  4. This is cool in such a weird way, I like it, I mean, it feels like it's very easy to play

  5. I agree with Daniel -- somehow it seems like playing this would feel pretty great. Maybe it just looks light? I dunno. Great look either way.



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