Sunday, 1 September 2013

Höfner Alpha - one of their less celebrated guitars
The name Höfner conjures up images in the mind's eye of such classic German-made guitars as the Höfner "Beatle" violin bass, the Höfner Verithin, and the Höfner President, amongst others. I doubt that the first model ever to spring to mind would be the Höfner Alpha. Take one look at this guitar and you know instantly that it's from the 1980s. However it's a lot more attractive than many of its contemporaries in the era of haair metal. The design could be said to be an unholy alliance between the Gibson Explorer and the Fender Telecaster, with perhaps a few Stratocaster appointments thrown in for good measure! I confess that I quite like it - in fact, I suspect that the shape may well be quite ergonomic.

I'm guessing this is a very rare and/or much sought after model because the seller (located in Siberia) is asking a whopping $1,799.99 for the Buy It Now price.

G L Wilson

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