Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Bass gets the Deluxe treatment
This Dennis Galuszka masterbuilt Fender Custom Shop re-interpretation of the Fender Telecaster Bass (a model itself derived from the original slab-bodied Precision Bass) is quite interesting. The pickguard and control layout has quite obviously been based on that of the Fender Telecaster Custom and Deluxe guitars; I guess because the bass sports a pair of humbuckers then technically it should be a Telecaster Bass Deluxe rather than a Custom, although if the Custom Shop had wanted to take the analogy further they should have given in a larger Precision-style headstock so as to mirror the Tele Deluxe guitar's CBS-era Strat-like head.

Currently listed on eBay Germany with a Buy It Now price of €3,990.

G L Wilson

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  1. It looks great and probably sound huge but if you haven't got 4000€ just buy the pieces and do it yourself, it will be much cheaper!. A Fender is like an old Ford car; you can change almost every part of it and customise it for ever. It's what Leo Fender conceived.It also works with Squiers of course.

  2. Ye gods and little fishes - that is UGLY! It looks a bit like somebody has stuck the scratchplate from an Ovation Magnum on a Tele Bass. And not in a good way.

    1. You mean there IS a good way to stick an Ovation Magnum scratchplate on a Tele Bass?

  3. Okay, all aesthetic choices aside, there is a problem with this bass.

    I personally am A fan of the Gibson Sidewinder Bass Hum-bucker, which, when tamed, can provide the most interesting tones. When untamed however, will throw up as much mud as a rainy soccer match. As such it remains something of an acquired taste.....

    The Telecaster Bass Hum-bucker threw up more mud than an entire international Rugby championship. And there was apparently less ability to control this. So, what kind of bass playing psycho path wanted two of the damn things. He's a better (braver) man than I am.

    Still, I'd like to play it. If only to damage my bass amp in a spectacular way.

  4. Agree. The Fender Tele Bucker really wasn't it. I replaced mine with a DiMarzio model 1. Better. Finally added a Duncan vintage p bass pickup, kill switch, no tone, no volume, and if you see this blond 72 Tele it was stolen from me. Sigh.

  5. A true Tele bass does not have the sculpted Strat contours.

    1. Well, it's a Custom Shop jobbie so I guess the "rules" go out the window.



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