Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Strat copy given the hollow / relic treatment on eBay in Germany

Currently listed on eBay with an optimistic Buy It Now price of €685.

When it comes to "Holey" Strats, I much prefer my own Feline Holy Panther. (Which, incidentally has now been immortalised on vinyl record and CD on the track "(Return Of The) Maggot Brain" on the new Sendelica "Live At Crabstock" album).

But if you prefer your Strats even more minimalistic, then there are these!

G L Wilson

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  1. That's actually a really cool looking guitar! My younger sister is looking to buy a new guitar right now. She's been learning to play for a few years now, and really wants to get something that suits her style.
    Keara | http://welchmusiconline.com/

  2. Good idea BUT (and this is a big BUT) Is it still balanced or do you need to stick weight under the headstock? What about the sound and resonance? It only proves that this classic (classy?) design can suffer almost any adaptation and still remain elegant and visually appealing! Leo Fender...What a genius!



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