Friday, 15 August 2014

Taras Guitars VP-1 - Could this be the next big guitar innovation?
The first time I saw a photo of a VP-1 prototype from Taras Guitars I was quite perplexed. Surely the guitar was missing a bunch of strings seeing as it had such a wide fingerboard but just the six strings running down the centre. However, that first photo I saw was a close-up, and I didn't appreciate how the curvature of the fingerboard towards the nut.

A quick view of the Taras Guitars website explained the concept. The wide, surfboard-shaped fretboard means that "'New' notes and sounds can be found when the frets are extended and strings are bent AWAY". Indeed it's all to facilitate extreme string bending. For more information, check out the video.

G L Wilson

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  1. That's possibly the worse demo video for a guitar possible. Lot's of slow motion hair blowing in the wind shots with ...the sound of wind?? and when he actually plays the guitar it's in the dark so you can't actually see him playing the fret board!!! I'm completely convinced that the sound of the guitar we are hearing is not the one he is playing. . It's a bit fishy if you ask me! I can't really see this idea taking off.

  2. @Antony Man you don`t know what you are talking about! playing a guitar is fun and you can play it in any way you like

  3. Antony- I agree, it was the most pompous, self-aggrandizing, non-musical thing I've seen from a guitar builder on You Tube. A bit surprised it was linked to here w/out qualification. And it's now been removed by the fellow, hmm.

    Reminded me a bit of that Wailin' Smash drummer guy... minus the charm.

    1. I thought it was a very interesting concept, albeit one that I personally couldn't imagine having any use for. And the guitar does look very weird. However, I agree with your comments about the video. Wasn't it awful?

  4. Such strong and ill-informed opinions here... (-:




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